[Marxism] Re: Gay Discussion on Marxmail

cleon42 at yahoo.com cleon42 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 24 07:56:08 MDT 2005

--- Brian Shannon <Brian_Shannon at verizon.net> wrote:
> There is an old expression, one that I think Trotsky used, that 
> reactions are varied regarding warmth, but we all act the same when
> we 
> stick our fingers in a hot flame (certain mystics excepted of
> course). 
> As much as we are concerned with the terrible damage to Mexico, the 
> effects of Katrina, and the earthquake in Pakistan, that does not
> mean 
> that issues that underlie and are intimately woven into the
> oppression 
> of capitalism can be put aside. In other words, the steady pulse of 
> capitalism, including homophobia and sexual identity is to be
> combatted 
> before, during, and after other crises.
> Invidious comparisons, such as the one made by Walter, must be
> resisted.

I think, Brian, this is a clear example of only paying attention to the
parts of Walter's post that you felt contributed to your forgone
conclusion. Walter covered a range of territory, *including* Cuba's
history of sexual repression. (He's written before on homophobia and
sexual repression in Cuba, in detail, and has never shied away from

The *fact* that Cuba has made strides in this area--huge strides,
immense strides, if Walter's post was even half-correct--shows that
Cuba *is* combatting homophobia before, during, and after other crises.

The point of showing Cuba's response to Wilma is to show that real
priorities, such as the saving of human life, as well as political
advances regarding sexual repression and homophobia, are infinitely
more important to consider than whether Fidel has some nice things to
say about Papa Ratzi.


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