[Marxism] Re: Changing Marxmail subscription options

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Oct 24 08:42:53 MDT 2005

Lueko Willms wrote:

>Most current email programs do support the DIGEST option in MIME.  
>Some do not, or not in the way that one can reply to the individual  
>message. For example, the Mozilla Thunderbird does not (yet) support  
>it, also not PMMail/2000 which I still do use. But The Bat! (see at  
><http://www.ritlabs.com>) and the Microsoft products do support it.

i only know one email application that fully supports the MIME digest 
option, it is a LISP-based app for the emacs family of editors:


unfortunately this is not a solution which is easily usable by the 
average internet user. but it does point to a failure in design of most 
email apps in relation to the MIME standard. MIME format has been around 
for arranges and next to no one does anything right with respect to it. 
even Thunderbird, the open source "alternative", behaves badly with 
respect to digest display.

i seem to remember trying Pegasus Mail and thinking it did ok with 
digests. but its user base is so small on this list.

les schaffer

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