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EOC> Benny's political ideas are indeed obnoxious - but making false,
EOC> indeed libellous, claims to back up a polemical point is a sure way
EOC> to devalue the valid political points a polemiciser is trying to
EOC> make.

   Also, Castro did not say that Benedict XVI is an angel, but that he  
had a face like an angel. Somebody distorted this statement in another  

   I agree that it is necessary to observe Pope Benedict's actual  
evolution, what he does and says. I take this as the moment to include  
and to expand some remarks which had started writing some weeks ago,  
in reply to a message by Mark Lause:

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ML> To Paul:  I don't know about Pope Benedict's dalliances with Opus
ML> Dei, but I they are political moves within the Church.  We'll see if
ML> this guy tries to reverse the trend...but the latest indications are
ML> that he won't.

   It is nevertheless interesting to observe his moves as Pope, and to
see that the many catastrophist views of "Papa Ratzi" do appear not
become reality.

   Recently (on Saturday, September 24), Pope Benedict XVI met with
Hans Küng, a Swiss national, who is professor for catholic theology at
the Tübingen university in southern Germany, and who was taken away
the right to teach religion by Rome under the leadership of the same
cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. They had a long evening of private talk in
Rome, which was then made public by a common press communiqué
formulated by Ratzinger and agreed to -- with a small grammatical
change -- by Küng. Küng was very positively impressed as he explained  
some days later in a radio interview with DLF. See the text of the  
communiqué in the original German and an Italian translation at

   Interesting also his programme of meetings during his visit to
Cologne, Germany, to attend the catholic "World Youth Day" there
(which started the day the World Youth Festival ended in Caracas). See  
the overview (in english) with links to all documents (in various  
languages) at

   Pope Benedict's first visit on Friday, August 19, 2005, was to the  
Cologne synagogue; his speech there (in english) can be found at

   He recalled the "unspeakable and previously unimaginable crime" of  
the Shoah "in the darkest period of German and European history" and  
proclaimed the necessity "that 'never again' will the forces of evil  
come to power, and that future generations, with God's help, may be  
able to build a more just and peaceful world, in which all people have  
equal rights and are equally at home" [at which point the Israeli  
ambassador to Germany did not take part in the long applause which  

   Later he met with a delegation of Protestant and Orthodox churches
(there are 1.5 million Orthodox christians in Germany) and with a
delegation of Muslim communities in Germany.

   In all these meetings he stressed that "the Church wants to  
continue building bridges of friendship with the followers of all  
religions, in order to seek the true good of every person and of  
society as a whole", as he quoted from an earlier statement in his  
address to the meeting with the Muslim community, where he also stated  
as his goal taht "We must seek paths of reconciliation and learn to  
live with respect for each other's identity." See the full text at

   In all these meetings he stressed the common roots of these three  
religious currents in the biblical figure of Abraham (I don't know who  
coined the expression of "the Abrahamitic religions"), and proclaimed  
the necessity of coming together on new common basis, not by finally  
resolving the disputes of the past, and by -- see above -- respecting  
each ones original identity.

   Not being religious myself, I nevertheless value highly his efforts  
to continue the path begun by Pope John Paul II, to bring together all  
religious faiths. I think that it is good to tear down sectarian  
barriers. That makes it easier for people around the world to  
collaborate on the solution of humanity's current and fundamental  
problems instead of obfuscating their differences with sectarian  

   I see here the long term perspective that the various religious  
faiths remove their sectarian squabbles with the non-believers and  
keep the one positive element of religion, i.e. the sence of a  
collective fate and collective tasks which is projected in an  
alienated form onto some godness, and the sense that goals beyond our  
own little individual existence give more meaning to our life.

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