[Marxism] Gay discussion

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Mon Oct 24 16:42:12 MDT 2005

I have stayed out of this because my work load is piling up, 
but something must be said. I think Walter's comment about 
what should matter was quite off, and I say that as someone 
who supports and admires his work on Cuba.

So I am with Brian on this one.

There is a point that is being missed in all this and that is 
that if life is better for gays now in Cuba it is due in no 
small part to the courage of Cuban gays and the international 
solidarity they have drawn upon. It would have been nice to 
have seen that acknowledged amidst all the apologia and 

Now as for Phil, his point is really separate. I interpret 
him as saying that the end of gay history might be achievable 
within free market capitalism.  I feel that is highly 
unlikely of course but *possible* in that the oppression of 
gays is not central to the extraction of surplus value while 
the exploitation of the working class is.

But what ever the case we should all remember that our core 
business is the emancipation of each and all. So we should 
resist the temptation to impatience with those who somehow or 
other do not agree with us where the *real* struggle is.

To put this in simple and partisan terms, you straights 
cannot condemn gay activists for not taking up the wider 
struggle if you are not with us in our struggles.



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