[Marxism] Michael A. Lebowitz, "Constructing Co-Management in Venezuela: Contradictions along the Path"

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Mon Oct 24 23:35:16 MDT 2005

Check this out:
Michael A. Lebowitz, "Constructing Co-Management in Venezuela:  
Contradictions along the Path,"
(If the link is broken, go to MRZine.org and click on the title.)

It's a talk that Michael gave at el Encuentro Nacional de  
Trabajadores Hacia la Recuperación de Empresas (the National Meeting  
of Workers for the Recovery of Enterprises), organized by la Unión  
Nacional de Trabajadores (UNT, the National Union of Workers) in  
Caracas, Venezuela, 22 October 2005.  Isn't Michael the luckiest of  
socialist intellectuals today, to be able to be of direct assistance  
to workers debating how best to move the revolution forward, on top  
of being married to the brilliant and beautiful Marta Harnecker?

Venezuela being still "a society marked by such extreme differences  
between the living standards of the mass of working people (so many  
of whom function within the informal sector) and workers in  
relatively privileged sectors," co-management -- especially in such  
strategic sectors as oil -- isn't an easy task, but the fact that  
it's on the agenda at all makes me happy to be alive in this period  
of history.

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Yoshie Furuhashi
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