[Marxism] Re: Reorted Khamenei endorsement of Iraq constitution

Nick Halliday halliday.nick at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 03:40:49 MDT 2005

One problem with the AFP piece is it has mostly the same language as
the AP one. Do they plagiarize each other all the time and change the
fake author's name? Or do they simply quote verbatim from either US
psych-ops pieces or Iranian official sources (for one, Khamenei would
have spoken in Farsi and  Arabized clerical Farsi, so are they all
working from the same translation, and whose ?).

BTW, Khamenei not so long ago endorsed a referendum in Venezuela.
Here's a guy who really likes this type of vote more than others. Up
for referendum in Iran would be whether or not to seek diplomatic ties
with the US and UK.

The biggest news story of the week re: Iraq has to be the secret poll
(cited and excerpted in my last post). If that doesn't mean that the
Shia Resistance will soon be the major factor, I don't know what does.
The biggest problem for the Resistance hasn't  been Sunni nihilism or
factionalism, but rather Shia-on-Shia violence and factionalism. Most
of that hasn't been reported, analyzed--or simply like so much else,
attributed to the dead Zarqawi.

The problems with playing an endgame with the US for countries like
Iran and Syria include (1) they have to know that the US intends to
stay (has from the beginning) so (2) if things get to the point where
the US establishment wants out, it will need face saving spectacles
before it does so. That could well include even more pressure for
regime change, covert ops, and all-out bombing (using WMD potential as
the rationale in the case of Iran). So expecting Syria or Iran to be
much of a factor in putting pressure on the US to leave Iraq is like
expecting the US anti-war movement to put pressure on the rulers of
the US. In other words, as has been the case, the only Resistance to
the US in Iraq is still only Iraqi.

FF writes:

>>This indicates that he is not hostile to recent moves by Sistani to
seek "reconcilitation" on the basis  of the election results.>>

Well, Khamenei isn't exactly keen on anything Sistani stands for,
since it would be Sistani's movement that could put a Shia Islamic
face on regime change in Iran. Still, Sistani is such a respected
cleric across Iraq and Iran, relations and attitudes can not be
straightforwardly hostile--nor are they going to be simply supportive.
If al Sadr prevails over Sistani (who, in the face of continued
American Occupation and all its disasters and predations, may well
lose credibility), the armed Resistance grows. If the Resistance
grows, the US will surely seek to break up Iraq as quickly as it can.
It's a dangerous end game for all the players, and the Iraqi people
get to lose a lot no matter what the outcome.


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