[Marxism] Local Politics and Global Capitalism

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Tue Oct 25 08:21:54 MDT 2005

This NYT story is really beautifully done.  It illustrates the tangled web 
of economic and political power winding from the President of France to an 
activist priest working with peasant communities through the satanic hands 
of  corruption at the highest levels of government.  Really something!

Paul Dillon

Tangled Strands in Fight Over Peru Gold Mine

SAN CERILLO, Peru - The Rev. Marco Arana drove his beige pickup over the 
curves of a dirt road 13,000 feet high in the Andes. Spread out below lay 
the Yanacocha gold mine, an American-run operation of mammoth open pits and 
towering heaps of cyanide-laced ore. Ahead loomed the pristine green of 
untouched hills.


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