[Marxism] Local Politics and Global Capitalism

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Tue Oct 25 17:19:06 MDT 2005


What I   liked about the Andean story wasn't simply that it illustrated the 
general contradictions of global capitalism but how clearly it illustrated 
the power of the local level to throw sand in the gears of the machine and 
also how capitalist enterprises function in someplace like Peru -- where 
they clearly aren't part of the indigenous society -- and where the 
class-based distribution of the social wealth is  more particularistic, less 
systemic, equally unjust, the standard case of "necessary evils" and we 
don't live like this at home  (dealings with Montesinos/Fujimori, the 
compromise that Peruvian middle classes accepted to rid themselves of the 
violence of Sendero and that international capital rushed in to stabilize). 
But it was generally good to read that the resistance continues as well 
since so much more comes out about Bolivia and Ecuador.

Paul Dillon 

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