[Marxism] Cindy Sheehan Plans to Padlock Herself to White House Fence

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 26 08:17:44 MDT 2005

Cindy Sheehan Plans to Padlock Herself to White House Fence

Washington, Oct 25 (Prensa Latina) US activist Cindy Sheehan
announced Tuesday that, in a continuation of her antiwar crusade, she
intends to tie herself to the White House fence to insist the
government withdraw its troops from Iraq.

In an interview with ABC News, the Gold Star mother (her son Casey
was killed in Iraq in April 2004) said "The police will probably
arrest me, but when they release me, I will do it again."

Every US soldier who dies in Iraq is more than a number, it is an
unnecessary tragedy. I had been working hard to end this insanity,
but after my son died, another 1,400 soldiers lost their lives, she

Her son, Casey, 24, was killed in an ambush in Sadr a few weeks after
he arrived in Iraq.

Several antiwar groups plan to organize a candlelight procession in
front of the White House when the number of US troops killed in Iraq
reaches 2,000, which could happen this week.

Since the US government led a coalition in attacking Saddam Hussein
in March 2003, 1,999 US soldiers have died and more than 14,300 have
been wounded.

Cindy Sheehan made a promise to the people of the United States that
she would continue her fight against the war until all the US troops
come home.

I will be a heartbroken mother until I die because of the lies that
destroyed my son, Sheehan said. I will continue the struggle until
the troops come home. Our people are going to Iraq to die and we
should stop this at all costs, she insisted.

With Sheehan, the Gold Star Families for Peace have urged the people
of the US to mobilize against the Iraq war.

The activist returned to her home in Oakland, California at the
beginning of October, where she received a hero's welcome. Sheehan
has become the international antiwar paradigm after a month-long
vigil at the President's Texas ranch and an extensive trip around the


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