[Marxism] whites only towns

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Wed Oct 26 15:45:45 MDT 2005

I'm getting sick to my stomach reading these, but I really appreciate Lou
initiating this thread and research here, and the comrades' stories. Tell
the truth , comrades !

We drove past Johnstown exits on the way back from D.C. demo. I  remarked
the famous flood. I didn't know about this other history. Then we went
through Toledo on the night of the reaction to the neo-nazis demo.

I wish racism weren't as bad as so many Black people complain. I have (knock
on wood) not, myself, been subject directly to the sharpest and violent
forms of racism. When I was younger, I was part of the integration minded
generation and sectors, leading to trusting relationships with white people.
I don't think it can be said that I had an anti-white attitude. Yet, with
time, I sadly concluded that subtle racism impacted much of my relationships
and situations.  I don't even feel that it arose to a point of personal
resentment on my part. I don't shy away from acquaintence with white people.
But just as a pragmatic social thing, I feel like Black people just respect
me more, generally.  Lord knows Black people treat each other badly often,
but somehow overall, I feel more comfortable with Black people. I do have
plenty of white friends and associates, I know white people with sterling
characters, some of my best friends still are white,  but it is "mo better"
for me to be in a majority Black environment. 

Black and White , unite and fight !




I lived in Johnstown, Pensylvania from 1969 until 1988.  I taught at a 
college there.  Johnstown was an inordinately racist town.  You couldn't go 
into a bar without someone making a racial slur within ten minutes.  One of 
my colleagues, a white woman, was dating a black man (whom she later 
married).  She had taken a small apartment in the downtown of the city.  Her

boyfriend had made a couple of visits to see her, and soon after someone 
torched her apartment.


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