[Marxism] crises of overproduction

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Wed Oct 26 23:03:02 MDT 2005

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...> which they state that "No modern economist, left or right, endorses
> Marx's claim that capitalism is subject to crises of overproduction." 
> (p.108)
> i was wondering if this was so or if (as in many of their examples) 
> they're fudging teh facts.

Who cares about economists? These comrades have been documenting the problem 
over the last couple of decades:

Clarke, S. (1988), Keynesianism, Monetarism and the Crisis of the State, 
Aldershot, Edward Elgar, pp.279-360; Harvey, D. (1989), The Condition of 
Postmodernity, Oxford, Basil Blackwell, pp.180-197; Mandel, E. (1989), 
'Theories of Crisis: An Explanation of the 1974-82 Cycle,' in M. Gottdiener 
and N. Komninos, eds, Capitalist Development and Crisis Theory: 
Accumulation, Regulation and Spatial Restructuring, London, Macmillan, 
pp.30-58; Shutt, H. (1999), The Trouble with Capitalism, London, Zed Books, 
pp.34-45; and Biel, R. (2000), The New Imperialism, London, Zed Books, 

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