[Marxism] George Galloway Refutes Fresh Allegations (BBC NewsReport)

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What  effectiveness? In terms of books sales, or audience  attendance?

Ouch! A little jealous or puritanical perhaps. What effectiveness? Well,  eh, 
how about reinvigorating the US antiwar movement with his appearance in  
front of the Senate, how about doing the same in the UK? Eh, how about being a  
source of inspiration to the Muslim world as a result, how about the rise of  
RESPECT in the UK?
Need any more?
Too, maybe the fact the British and US governments are going to such  lengths 
to destroy him constitutes proof of the extent of the damage he's done  to 
them by exposing their lies and hypocrisy.
As for book sales and audience attendance, the more the better.
Unless, of course, you aspire to a movement of tiny sects that sit in dark  
rooms waiting for the revolution to arrive, and of course ready to  lead the 
workers when they suddenly wake up.
Stop making a fool of yourself.

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