[Marxism] whites only towns

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I  believe that America is possibly the most racist society the world 
has  ever seen, and that that fact has yet to properly impact even the left  

Though I disagree with you strongly re your comments on Galloway, I agree  
with your comments here. 
I've always felt that the US Left has in effect parked the National  Question 
with regard to the oppressed black community to one side, due mainly to  the 
difficulty in engaging with those communities where an honest mistrust  exists 
when it comes to whites. As yet there has been no meaningful  participation 
by blacks either in the antiwar movement, labor movement or even  in any of the 
so-called vanguard parties that exist there. I feel that whites,  white 
groups, etc., rather than reaching out to those communitas for the  purposes of 
recruitment, they should be campaigning in their own communities  against the 
racism and poverty which blacks are forced to endure. In the US the  blacks 
suffer a domestic imperialism every bit as pernicious as that inflicted  on the 
people of Iraq. Until the US Left recognises this fact then they will  always be 
deficient as a viable movement for social change.

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