[Marxism] Re: Annual Conference 2005 All Pakistan Trade-Union Federation

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 27 09:08:33 MDT 2005

Com Taimur Rahman's piognant and inspiring report on
the APTUF conference in Pakistan has touched my heart.
Especially the reciting of Bhagat Singh's "Mera Rang
De basanti Chola" song has filled my heart with joy,
joy of hope and tears of happiness. It is the song
that has brought me into the Communist Party and
everytime I hear the song, I get emotional. To know
that there are people on the other side of the border
who value these emotions, gives me hope that one day,
hopefully in the near future, the people of India,
Pakistan and Bangladesh will stand shoulder to
shoulder as comrades and put an end to the imperialst
conspiracy that had divided this great country and
people. Since partition, the people in these 3
countries had been cheated by capitalists, feudal
lords and religious fundamentalists. It is time the
working people of the sub-continent raise their voice
and drown the peoples' enemies in their anger.
Excuse me if I sound a bit sentimental, but it is the
first time that I had read such an inspiring report
from the other side of the border.
Thank you, Comrade Rahaman.
Vijaya Kumar Marla

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