[Marxism] Victor Davis Hanson: chickenhawk

Prem K Govindaswamy govi0006 at umn.edu
Thu Oct 27 09:50:59 MDT 2005

Personally, I am always a little wary of the whole "chickenhawk" approach.
William Blum has written in his February 17 Anti-Empire Report:

       "Military service is another irrelevancy they give me a headache
with. What does being in the military, or seeing combat, or not being in
the military, or even avoiding the draft, tell us about a candidate that
his voting record and speeches don't tell us with much more clarity? I
don't care if Bush was AWOL or a deserter, any more than I care if Kerry
was a "hero", particularly in an unjust war."

As someone who hasn't any military experience, and really doesn't have any
desire to join the military, (except inasmuch as I could gain skills to put
to use in a Communist revolution), I think the military background question
can be a double-edged sword. I believe that arguing against a piece of
bourgeois slime like Hanson should stay on the objective facts: this is a
genocidal, imperialist war which has killed tens (or hundreds) of thousands
of Iraqis, has resulted in the direct opposite of democracy, colonization
of Iraq, taking away all economic and political soverignity from the people
of Iraq through the neoliberal privatisations pushed through illegaly by
Bremer's cheap shenanigans, humiliations of the Iraqi people, and the fact
that the "elections" where utter shams which couldn't stand up to any basic
standards at all. Frankly put, I often feel that the "chickenhawk"
arguement takes the easy way out, instead of bringing these issues to the
front, especially with people who are new to Socialism, anti-imperialism,
      Also, there are shitbags who screech for this war who have "military
experience". For instance, bloodsucking, subhuman, babykilling, parasitic,
shitsucking, pedophilic, vermin such as Colin Powell, Robert Dole,
Rumsfeld, and Oliver North, (who should all be tortured in the exact ways
that the Contras tortured Nicaraguan peasants, as well as shot, their
bodies dissolved in hydrochloric acid and their remains flushed down a
toilet) can claim "military service". That doesn't change that fact that
they are subhuman childkillers, nor validate any of their demented, warped
designs for world domination.  
      What I'm trying to say is that the whole "chickenhawk" arguement can
be a trap that the left sometimes makes a mistake of falling into. 
      (By the way, I am very serious when I call the above rightwing vermin
paedophiles, as they all behind the Contras, who often committed rapes of
children in Nicaragua.)

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