[Marxism] Re: Hitchens and Orwell

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 27 16:32:22 MDT 2005

>M> It's a toss up who is the bigger arsehole.
>M> On balance, Orwell who gave names to MI5.
>    I think, this is not really what arouses the hate for George Orwell
>among the stalinists, but his complete destruction of the stalinist
>lies about the revolutionists in the Spanish Civil War in Orwell's
>"Hommage to Catalunya".
>    Orwell had so thoroughly demolished all the lies about the POUM and
>other currents who did not fight against the revolution, leaving
>nothing of the mountain of lies. That is the real offence which the
>Stalinists never pardoned Orwell for.
>Lüko Willms                                     http://www.mlwerke.de

I have no idea why it is necessary to open up a polemic about Stalinists 
and the Spanish Civil War using Orwell as a peg. I am giving serious 
thought to starting a mailing list on Yahoo called "Stalin-Trotsky debate" 
just so that Marxmail subscribers can find the proper outlet for their odd 
proclivity for reopening old wounds. 

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