[Marxism] Re: Hitchens and Orwell

wrobert at uci.edu wrobert at uci.edu
Thu Oct 27 17:00:17 MDT 2005

> I have no idea why it is necessary to open up a polemic about Stalinists
> and the Spanish Civil War using Orwell as a peg. I am giving serious
> thought to starting a mailing list on Yahoo called "Stalin-Trotsky debate"
> just so that Marxmail subscribers can find the proper outlet for their odd
> proclivity for reopening old wounds.
Actually, the impetus for this comment probably came up in the essay that
you sent, which contained the strange reading of Orwell's engagement in
said Spanish Civil War because of his pathological anti-catholicism.  I
could follow the author on the discussion of "Shooting an Elephant" but
Homage to Catalonia repeatedly returns to the author's admiration of the
living socialism of the Spanish people.  Perhaps if it had included
gleeful descriptions of kiling priests or long polemics on his hatred of
the church, I would be more sympathetic, but it doesn't.  By this logic,
Albert Camus could be counted amoung the anti-catholic because he
condemned the priests blessing the executioners in Franco's Spain.  I am
not trying to argue with the individuals on the list who have expressed
perfectly reasonable reasons for disliking Orwell, but that piece of logic
seemed to be moving in the direction of simple slander.

                            robert wood

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