[Marxism] Re: Hitchens and Orwell

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Oct 27 17:16:23 MDT 2005

>To be quite honest, I believe Lueko's response was a quite restrained 
>factual response to George Anthony's highly provocative apolitical 
>one-liner (well, to be honest two-liner, but still provocative and 
>apolitical). The fact IS that the majority of the hostility to Orwell is 
>based on his exposé of Stalinism during his prime as a writer and not on 
>his actions as a sick, dying and infatuated man in decline.
>This is not to say that Orwell is above criticism, but simply to put a 
>large proportion of the criticisms made into context.
>Einde O'Callaghan

I can't agree with this at all. Orwell, Camus and Koestler are the 
forefathers of people like Hitchens, Berman, Ignatieff, Harry's Place, Norm 
Geras and all the rest of those warmongering liberals and social democrats. 
Furthermore, the article I posted has very little to do with traditional 
divisions over Stalin and Trotsky. It was mostly an attempt to debunk 
Orwell's claim to be a socialist. As far as what George Anthony wrote, he 
never writes more than a sentence or two--and frankly I have a hard time 
figuring out where he is coming from politically most of the time.  

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