[Marxism] Student Walkout on Nov. 2 to Protest the War; Request Comments

Javier A javierunderground at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 27 20:23:06 MDT 2005

My friend is a serious organizer with the RCP front
group "World Cant Wait." When he dragged me to a
meeting. I thought the whole thing was sick. Thier
characterization of Bush and this time period is that
the president is a fascist and if we dont stop him, we
will soon be living under fascism very soon. 

But I helped him organize a hip hop show in SF and it
was amazing to see all these energetic youth, high
schoolers and early twenties youth, be excited and
confident about a campaign that is very political.
Their methods are ultra-left, their campaign is overly
ambitious. But Im glad hundereds of young people are
gaining real expierence in organizing against the
state and contemperary imperial politics. 

I support it in other words and hope some serious
young people come out of the campaign. 


--- Prem K Govindaswamy <govi0006 at umn.edu> wrote:

> Hello, I wanted to get opinions of various
> Socialists on an event the local
> Socialist Alternative is planning. The Local SA is
> mobilizing local High
> School students in the Twin Cities (about 1000
> signed up so far), as well
> as university students, to walk out of classes on
> Nov. 2 in protest of the
> War on the Iraqi people. However, other Trotsky
> oriented communists have
> had objections and reservations. I wanted to see
> what for or against
> arguements people here might have. Any comments are
> appreciated. Thanks. 
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