[Marxism] Student Walkout on Nov. 2 to Protest the War; Request Comments

wrobert at uci.edu wrobert at uci.edu
Thu Oct 27 20:42:39 MDT 2005

> Hello, I wanted to get opinions of various Socialists on an event the
> local
> Socialist Alternative is planning. The Local SA is mobilizing local High
> School students in the Twin Cities (about 1000 signed up so far), as well
> as university students, to walk out of classes on Nov. 2 in protest of the
> War on the Iraqi people. However, other Trotsky oriented communists have
> had objections and reservations. I wanted to see what for or against
> arguements people here might have. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.

I'd be curious to hear what their objections are.  It seems like a good
idea to get students involved, particularly the high school students. 
Also where are most of the folks that you got involved from?  From
Minneapolis or the suburbs?

                         robert wood

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