[Marxism] Student Walkout on Nov. 2 to Protest the War; Request Comments

Josh Saxe joshsaxe at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 23:18:10 MDT 2005

I'm a substitute teacher in the Los Angeles public school system --
there are a lot of students at a poor East L.A. high school I've been
working at who are going to walk out on November 2nd and I know
myself, some other subs and some teachers are going to be either
skipping work that day and showing up for the walkout or working but
participating in the walkout all the same.  I think it's the same
scene at many other Los Angeles high schools.  At Franklin (the school
I've been teaching at) there's stickers for the action everywhere and
all my classes today, yesterday and Monday knew all about it and were
very excited.
I think this is one of the best initiatives I've seen the RCP take
since I became active.  If there is any radicalization going on in
this country it is an anger against Bush and a sense that something
unacceptable and outside the tacit agreement between rulers and ruled
is going on with the initiatives of the Bush administration.  So
taking that as a starting place and channeling the sentiment into mass
action makes a whole lot of sense to me.
I think what is lacking with the RCP in this is good analysis and
sense of perspective, which Javier suggests - their flyers compare
Bush to Hitler right before 1939 and say we have to bring him down on
that basis, before he does things like carve up the world and open up
gas chambers.  A better analysis would be to say (not in these words
of course) that Bush and his clique simply personify the agenda of the
whole ruling class over the entire last period, and bringing them down
would be a very significant blow to this program of reaction, what I'd
call the capitalist offensive.  Even though bring down Bush would not
overturn capitalism it would raise the confidence of millions of
people and open new possibilities in this country.  I think most of
the high school student activists I've met around this 11/2 thing
could easily grasp that concept which corresponds with their and their
parents experience more than the Bush as Hitler concept...

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