[Marxism] Cuba Accepts Exchange with US Experts on Damage Inflicted by Wilma

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 28 01:49:36 MDT 2005

(This is the first response I've seen in the Cuban media to the very
significant US offer to send a US damage assessment team to Cuba.
The US has offered Cuba assistance in the past, and it's useful here
to recall that after the US offer in 2003, following another hurricane,
Cuba very politely declined the aid offer, but said instead that Cuba
preferred to PURCHASE food from the United States. That began what has
since become an over one BILLION DOLLAR series of purchases of various
agricultural commodities by Cuba from the United States. By the way,
wood is an agricultural commodity and some of what's been purchased by
Cuba includes wood from some small US firms who came to the various
Cuban trade fairs to offer their products. All of this activity was
licensed by Washington.)

Cuba Accepts Exchange with US Experts on Damage Inflicted by Wilma

Havana, Oct 27 (AIN) Cuban President Fidel Castro said that Cuba will
accept the visit by US experts in order to dialog on their assessment
of the damage inflicted by hurricane Wilma.

During a TV appearance on Thursday, the Cuban President explained
that the island's Foreign Ministry sent the US Interests Section in
Havana a note explaining that Cuba had not requested international

However, we share the viewpoint that the United States as well as
other countries of the region should help each other in disaster
situations, said Fidel Castro.

Cuba does not oppose the visit by three US experts in order to learn
of their criteria and discuss the issues related to the storm, said
the Cuban president as he read a diplomatic note issued by the
island's Foreign Ministry.

Earlier in the day, the US State Department had stated that Cuba had
accepted US assistance following the recent passage of hurricane
Wilma, which caused coastal flooding and inflicted damage mainly in
western Cuba.

On October 25th, Washington proposed sending a three-expert team to

We have been informed that the Cuban government accepted our offer,
said State Department spokesperson Sean McCormack.

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