[Marxism] Re: Student Walkout on Nov. 2 to Protest the War; Request Comments

Nigel Irritable nigel_irritable at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 28 02:56:25 MDT 2005

I think that the walkouts on 2 November look like an
excellent initiative. School Student walkouts have
been one of the best features of the anti-war
movements in a number of countries including Ireland,
Britain, Australia, Germany and Sweden and there is no
reason why they shouldn't be a real success in the US
this time around.

I note in passing, and it has been alluded to in this
thread, that the walkouts seem to have been called and
organised by two different groups, around two
different sets of demands. These groups are the
Socialist Alternative initiated "Youth Against War and
Racism" and the RCP initiated "World Can't Wait". 

How much coordination there has been I don't know. The
platforms of the two groups are very different to put
it mildly, with YAWR focusing heavily on military
recruitment while WCW emphasis getting rid of the
"Bush regime". However the WCW site does list some of
the YAWR walkouts and the YAWR site links to NION.
Most importantly the two groups are organising for the
same action at the same time, which means that their
efforts should be complimentary.


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