[Marxism] Re: Victor David Hansom: chickenhawk.

Carlos Eduardo Rebello crebello at antares.com.br
Fri Oct 28 05:58:39 MDT 2005

I would like to state that I once wrote a sympathetic review on Amazon.com
to a book by Mr. Hansom on Ancient Greek warfare, in which he argued for the
low intensity nature of Ancient Greek methods of waging war by arguing that
the havoc a Greek army could break on the countryside was close to nil ,
given that vineyards and olive trees, once destroyed, can be rehabilitated
at a minimum cost (by the way, that seems to come from actual experience -
he seems to be the owner of some vineyard in the S.Fernando valley).

In the way of a comment now, the only I can offer is that it's a pity Mr.
Hanson didn't stay safe with his Greeks and with sipping his chardonnay (or
whatever) in California, instead of producing obscene remarks intended to
"inspire" the American public to think it's possible to win a war that was
politically lost long before the  first shot was fired.

Carlos Rebello

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