[Marxism] Re: Victor David Hanson: chickenhawk.

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Fri Oct 28 07:02:23 MDT 2005

--- Carlos Eduardo Rebello <crebello at antares.com.br> wrote:

> In the way of a comment now, the only I can offer is that it's a pity
> Mr. Hanson didn't stay safe with his Greeks and with sipping his
> chardonnay (or whatever) in California, instead of producing obscene
> remarks intended to "inspire" the American public to think it's
> possible to win a war that was politically lost long before the 
> first shot was fired.

To look back at my classical Greek civilization class, I think this
turn was prefigured in Hanson's historical writings.  I had to read his
painfully dull _The Other Greeks_, basically a lengthy paean to the
*georgos* or Athenian landowner-farmer, which attributes democracy to
that class.  Given that Hanson in the book self-indulgently identifies
himself with this conservative farming class, it is not surprising that
he should "follow" their lead and enter the political scene as a
conservative commentator.  (Remember that these Athenians later engaged
in the Peloponnesian War and pressed their fortunes beyond their own
ability to win.) I only wonder that someone so dreadfully boring gets
any degree of attention.


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