[Marxism] Michael Walzer?

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Fri Oct 28 09:00:30 MDT 2005

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Can anyone possibly give the lowdown on American philosopher Michael Walzer. 

present-day walzer is identified with communitarianism, he has worked at 
synthesizing community & pluralist-liberal thinking, he opposes idea of 
'universal theory of justice', arguing, instead for principle that he calls 
'complex equality' in which separate rules should apply to distribution of 
different social goods, thus, development of 'sphere of justice' (title of,
perhaps, his best known work), in sum: different principles of justice
may be appropriate in different areas of life...

earlier/younger walzer considered himself democratic-socialist, believe he
was (may still be) associated with _dissent_ magazine for number of years,
i've always thought 'dissenter' folks had pretty much given up on socialism,
by doing so they headed down same road that earlier generation of so-called
'neo-cons' went down, but they stopped at 'progressive' or 'left-liberal' or
'liberal' rest stations...   michael hoover

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