[Marxism] How New Deal liberalism strengthened white privilege

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Fri Oct 28 10:19:28 MDT 2005

I have mentioned this book in a couple of posts involving arguments 
with Marxmail participants who believe that support to Roosevelt and 
the popular front polices of the CP and many socialists who ended up 
supporting Roosevelt, such as my parents, was the correct political 

Of course, much of their argument is not so much about Roosevelt's 
domestic policy but about defense of the USSR. Nonetheless, this book 
is a very important corrective to this position, for it points out that 
the rising tide did not lift all boats, that some boats in fact slipped 
back relatively and even in some cases positively.

It is very difficult to summarize a book as long and complex as this. 
This is an admirable review and it succinctly captures the main points 
of the author. Unfortunately, the last part of the book is filled with 
liberal nostrums. It doesn't weaken, however, the main argument.

Brian Shannon

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