[Marxism] Bourgeois revolutions not led by the bourgeoisie?

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Neil  Davidson:
The bourgeois revolutions are bourgeois not because they are led  by the 
bourgeoisie, but because they make possible the development of  bourgeois 
society on the basis of the capitalist mode of production. In  other words, 
it is the outcome which is important, not the process or the  personnel.

I recently attended a class given by Neil Davidson on Historical  Materialism 
in Edinburgh. Whilst his credentials as a Marxist scholar are  undoubted, the 
analysis of Scottish revolutionary history offered in  his book has been met 
with much hostility among significant sections of the Left  in Scotland. A 
fantastic rebuttal to his opinion that no such thing as a  homogenous Scottish 
working class existed predating the Act of Union in 1707 -  ipso facto 
promulgating a unionist position which is anti Scottish independence  - was provided by 
another great Marxist scholar based in Scotland, Allan  Armstrong. His work 
can be found in his excellent periodical, Emancipation and  Liberation, which 
can be accessed through the website below.
_http://republicancommunist.org/_ (http://republicancommunist.org/) 

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