[Marxism] My NPR Lupus interview [taped 10/27/05]

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Fri Oct 28 16:42:37 MDT 2005


I'm placing this message on a few lists and sending it to several
individuals as well.

A few days ago I was contacted by the person [in Massachusetts] who handles
a quite interesting NPR series [many stations, not all] called Infinite Mind
[ref:  Infinitemind.com].  She has been exploring my website and wanted me
to join in a special broadcast on SLE and Native Americans. [They had also
recently done a well received piece on Native suicide.]  I was game and we
taped me early this afternoon.  [The guy who came to our house to set up the
technology and handle the taping turned out to be a very sensible and
vigorous environmentalist, Rick Eike, who has frequently debated some of the
local and state right wing broadcast folk as well as Senator Craig.  It was
good to meet Rick. Turned out we had many mutual friends and, as do I, he
likes actual wolves.]

My interviewer, the person in charge of the program, asked good questions
and I responded well [by my lights, Eldri's, and Josie's -- and Rick's.]  I
discussed my background as a social justice organizer, the fact that SLE is
my toughest fight to date and I plan to go right down to my winning wire
with it.  But I placed heaviest stress on Lupus as a civil rights issue --
i.e., it hits Natives, Blacks, Chicanos, Asians and women especially hard.
I mentioned some of the recent SLE Native tragedies and cases of which I'm
aware [I gave no names] and, of course, pushed militantly for vastly
increased Federal funding in the Lupus setting [where such funding has been
skimpy] -- as well as for health services in general.  I had very good words
for traditional Native medicine and for good "western" physicians -- and
mentioned, especially, Navajo Nation where, for the past quarter of a
century, many medicine men [who often train rigorously for about 17 years]
are working congenially with equally congenial physicians from US Indian
Health Service.  I spoke of the fact that my grandson/son, Thomas Gray
Salter, who accompanied me to virtually every Lupus meeting I have had with
many docs, is now a Med School student in the Native program at University
of Minnesota at Duluth -- and that Thomas has established a good
relationship with an Ojibwe medicine man.

How much of my piece will get into this, I of course do not know. Probably a
fair amount.  The other participants are two top national Lupus medical
authorities, Dr Lahita and Dr Wallace, and Leroy Downs -- a Pawnee from
Oklahoma and a fellow SLE sufferer.  A physician from the Native American
Lupus Project based at University of Oklahoma will be among these

The program will begin airing next Wednesday.  It will also be available,
some way, on the Internet.  It goes formally to 260 markets and about one
million people.

Yours, H


Several people, expressing interest in hearing our NPR program [Infinite
Mind] on Lupus, have wondered about the date and time.  As I mentioned, the
program will begin -- begin -- airing next Wednesday.  The specific days and
times will vary.  Again, the program is called the Infinite Mind [via NPR]
and here's the link to stations that carry  IM.  Even if it isn't coming to
your home town, there may be one nearby from which you can pick it up.
Around here, in Eastern Idaho, we'll tune into Salt Lake.


Best, H

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 and Ohkwari'

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it is as bright as day -- but in an always soft and
mysterious and remembering way.  [Hunter Bear]

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