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Thanks for the help Michael, but I don't really understand a word of this. 
Does Walzer suggest that different 'communities' ought to be accorded 
different 'goods' on the basis of their designated membership of that 
community? Does that ministration extend to material goods (the right to 
community healthcare, education, decent employment, and so on)? Or is Walzer 
more concerned wth formal political 'rights and obligations', and 'cultural' 
recognition, neatly bypassing the entire structure of class exploitation and 
racial oppression?

as i understand walzer, he views 'justice' in conventional political philosophy 
way as distributive concept, however, he raises questions about *what it is" 
that might be distributed, he suggests that concept of justice could be 
applied to most anything - freedom, friendship, income, leisure, love, sex, 
wealth, etc. - as such, there is no reason why one principle of distribution 
should be considered 'just' in each instance...

in one example, he suggests that an economic egalitarian (i.e., person who
favors more equal distribution of wealth/income) might not advocate
equal distribution of sexual activity (in fact, walzer maintains that this
person might find such distribution bizarre and, even, *unjust*), thus, he 
concludes that developing overriding principle of justice governing all 
spheres of life is impossible...

maybe above is bit clearer...    michael hoover

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