[Marxism] Indicted

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Fri Oct 28 19:54:21 MDT 2005

>>> lnp3 at panix.com 10/28/05 1:34 PM >>>
Top Cheney aide Libby indicted, quits post
Meantime, lawyer for Rove says his client is safe for now

yawn, *revelation*, *investigation*, *prosecution*, politics
by what mainstream poli sci guys benjamin ginsberg and
martin shefter called 'other means' in book of that title
about 15 years ago, add to that phenomenon that ginsberg - 
in book about 25 years ago - called 'captive public that is 
continually subjected to polling and marketing efforts 
designed either to calm unruly tendencies or stir outbursts,
well, this ain't just 'weak' democracy, it's moth-eaten,
termite infested, hollowed out shell...   michael hoover
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