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TOL> Which is not to say I agree with everthing he says. It seems to me
TOL> the main reason the right wing can seize upon Animal Farm is that
TOL> there WAS a tragic degeneration of the Russian revolution into
TOL> stalinism, which the bulk of the left foolishly covered up. It is
TOL> silly to blame Orwell because he didn't offer a correct Marxist
TOL> analysis of something most Communists of the era misunderstood much
TOL> worse than he did.

    The nostalgics of Stalinism don't blame Orwell for not having a  
"proper" scientific analysis of the degeneration of the Russian  
revolution, but for having ridiculed it with "Animal Farm". And for  
having terminally exposed the lies concocted about the suppression of  
the Spanish revolution.

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