[Marxism] Re: Bourgeois revolutions not led by the bourgeoisie?

Ed George edgeorge at usuarios.retecal.es
Sat Oct 29 11:40:06 MDT 2005

Regarding Néstor’s post, I’ll come back to this when I have the time to 
give it the attention it deserves. But for the moment I would just 
restate and re-emphasise the point I make in the fifth paragrpah of what 
I posted yesterday. The ‘transition’ (from feudalism to capitalism) is a 
transformation that occurs at the level of social relations, and it is a 
transformation that is necessarily supra-national in scope. What we 
customarily designate as the ‘bourgeois revolutions’ are those political 
transformations that occur at the level of the superstructure, the level 
of the state, and they are necessarily national in scope. The two things 
are distinct; and almost in their entirety, the theoretical difficulties 
that emerge around these themes do so because either the former process 
is colapsed into the latter, or vice versa.

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