[Marxism] Italy's antiwar mov't

Prem K Govindaswamy govi0006 at umn.edu
Sat Oct 29 16:22:30 MDT 2005

It seems that there is a strong antiwar sentiment in Italy, the scene of
one of US imperialism's first post WWII interventions. It looks like Silvio
Berlusconi has now had to start making public backtracking on his support
for the war against Iraq. He has had to publicly state he "warned Bush
about Iraq", as well as withdraw 300 soldiers from Iraq. This indicates a
large shift; right after the beggining of the war, Berlusconi was
trimphantly making comments about how benign Mussolini was, when the
dictator was compared w/ Hussein. Keep in mind that this would-be-Mussolini
also personally, privately owns Italy's three main news channels. This
indicates that there has been enough mobilization so that Berlusconi has
had to start making concessions to the antiwar mov't there, or risk losing
the elections to the opposition, who has promised total and immediate
withdrawl. Although this opposition isn't proposing any sort of
revolutionary changes, it is a possitive sign for the antiwar mov't.

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