[Marxism] Barry Sheppard, author of "The Party, " speaks at ISO conference workshop Nov. 5

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Oct 30 08:10:38 MST 2005

Barry Sheppard, author of "The Party: Socialist Workers Party 1960-1988,
Vol. 1" will be speaking about his book and experiences as a leader of
Socialist Workers Party for more than 20 years.  The first volume,
primarily a memoir of the party's role in supporting the Cuban
revolution and civil rights movement and participating in the theyouth
radicalization of the 1960s {particularly the antiwar movement, which
the party helped lead).

Sheppard is now at work on the second volume which will deal with the
party's leadership crisis and increasing sectarian degeneration under
the impact of the retreat of the radicalization, the attacks on labor,
and the decision to carry out and maintain a turn toward the unions in a
maximalist and administrative way.

I plan not only to attend Barry's meeting, but as much of the ISO
conference as I can manage.

Where: the International Socialist Organization's East Coast Education
When: The 3rd workshop session, which begins at 5:15pm on Saturday,
November 5th.

The conference will be held at City College of New York in the NAC
which is located at 138th Street and Convent Avenue. The full
for the conference is available online at <
Fred Feldman

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