[Marxism] Cuban Ambassador to Brazil, rejection of PT payment allegation by Veja magazine (text)

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 30 17:29:18 MST 2005

(Thanks to CubaNews subscriber Joe Bryak for this translation.)

October 29, 2005
Declaration of Cuban Ambassador to Brazil

The magazine Veja, in its Sunday morning edition, which already is on
the internet, publishes a long and offensive article on the supposed
Cuban aid to the electoral campaign of President Luis Inacio Lula da
Silva in the year 2000.

The Government of Cuba categorically rejects these slanders and
states that it has never interfered in the internal affairs of this
sister nation, and places total responsibility for this
propagandistic maneuver on the aggressive plans of imperialism
against Cuba and against Lula.

Those who orchestrate this campaign of lies against Cuba and against
the Brazilian government seek to affect the bilateral relations
between our two countries, characterized by fraternal dialogue,
mutual respect and noninterference in the internal affairs of our

It is obvious that those who today shamelessly lie desire to block
the ever growing plans of cooperation between our two countries, and
especially wish to affect the implementation of Operation Miracle in
Brazil, which will allow tens of thousands of Brazilians with scarce
resources to have eye operations and recover their vision.

That which Cuba has offered to the Brazilian government, totally free
of charge, and which truly bothers the enemies of both countries, is
that in solidarity we have made an altruistic proposal to daily
operate on the sight of at least 100 Brazilian patients. Their
treatment, housing and aerial transportation would not cost anything
to the Government of Brazil nor to the patients. The Cuban offer,
besides scholarships in specialized opthalmology to Brazilian doctors
recently graduated from the Latin American School of Medical
Sciences, and the support of Cuban specialists as needed, also
includes the decision to donate an opthalmology center equipped with
the most advanced technology known in the world, which will allow
Brazil to perform up to 100 thousand free operations annually.

It is clear to the Cuban government that these twisted accusations,
in the context of a forthcoming visit of the President of the United
States to Brazil, are intended to divert attention from the
increasingly complex reality that mister George W. Bush faces,
hounded by investigations of important leaders of his own party and
in his most intimate circle of collaborators; overwhelmed by the
unsustainable and universally repudiated northamerican military
presence in Iraq, which has now cost the lives of more than 2,000
soldiers from that country; faced with ever lower levels of
popularity in polls; and besieged and opposed even by the most
conservative sectors within the Republican Party, uneasy with the
blunders of their government.

With these crude lies comes an intent to also divert attention from
the growing repudiation on the part of the people of he continent to
the aggressive, hegemonic and meddling policies of the present
Administration of the United States and from the collosal failure of
ALCA [the Free Trade Area of the Americas, FTAA, or ALCA in Spanish]
as a project for regional domination.

The Government of Cuba reiterates its rejection of the lies published
by the magazine Veja and confirms its respect and friendship toward
the Brazilian people and toward the govenment headed by President

Brasilia, 29 October 2005

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