[Marxism] Rosa Parks Against War on Terror and Iraq War

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Sun Oct 30 19:18:34 MST 2005

AMY GOODMAN: Back at Camp Casey, the number of supporters for Cindy 
Sheehan nevertheless continued to grow. African American leaders, 
including veteran civil rights activist, Reverend Joseph Lourey, who 
co-founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, came from 
Dallas and Georgia, bringing mothers of soldiers killed in Iraq and 
other anti-war protesters, as well. These newcomers took to the stage 
at a new campsite dubbed Camp Casey II, closer to Bush's property, on 
land donated by a local resident. This is long-time activist and 
organizer, Peter Johnson.
REV. PETER JOHNSON: This is amazing. We're right in Dubya's backyard. 
You know, Cindy had to go to California because her mother had a 
stroke. I was here last week, and I brought Cindy greetings from Rosa 
Parks and Mrs. King. Mrs. King had a stroke also and asked that you all 
would keep her in your prayers and remember her. She is the widow of 
our 20th century Moses.

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, said Parks sent her a letter of support in 
response to the torrent of criticism Lee received in 2001 when she cast 
the lone vote against the resolution that granted President Bush wide 
authorization to fight the war on terror.
      "It was after I had taken so much heat for my vote," Lee said. "I 
pulled it out the other night just to read it again. I often read it to 
give me strength." —S.F. Chronicle, Oct. 30, 2005

Brian Shannon

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