[Marxism] Electronic and Print Media

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Oct 31 09:16:44 MST 2005

>I don't think complex questions can be usefully debated on the internet.
>It is only good for establishing and clarifying the positions _to be
>debated_, not in carrying out the actual debate, which is better done in
>either direct conversation or in print.

But all of these scholarly journals come out once or twice a year or so. If 
you want to answer Neil Davidson, for example, you have to wait six months 
for your comments to be printed. For that matter, many do not even have a 
letters section, so if you object to something in MR or Socialist Register, 
for example, tough.

>  Debate on the internet resembles
>a conversation in which no one listens to the other person and
>interrupts the other in mid-sentence. In particular, I have stopped
>entirely reading  omplex historical issues on the screen. That sort of
>material is only useful if in print.

What is preventing you from printing out what I write?

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