[Marxism] NYTimes condemns Patriot Act revisions

Michael Hoover hooverm at scc-fl.edu
Mon Oct 31 13:15:22 MST 2005

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Despite the perceived political conservatism of those who fought for 
our Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederacy, they were 
aware of their own roots and the rights they fought for.

Nominally, essay #84 is an argument against the Bill of Rights. 
Hamilton claims that they are unnecessary*for woven into the 
Constitution itself are several explicit rights that are overlooked by 
its critics and in fact are superior to those being suggested. He also 
argues that the proposed Bill of Rights may be deficient for 
enumerating rights that we already have under the British Constitution, 
i.e., the common law of England. The danger, he points out, is that 
specific enumeration may be perceived as limiting the rights that we 
have already. In other words, we have considerably more rights than can 
be specifically listed and there should be no suggestion that these 
enumerated rights are all that we have..
Brian Shannon

the *framers* (which began as a group of 55 delegates to 1787 philly
convention and ended as group of 39 left when convention adjourned)
overwhelmingly rejected bill of rights, most of these guys continued to 
oppose such during ratification process...

convention lasted 4 months, bill of rights was not raised until several days 
before adjournment, while madison (who went from being opponent to 
congressional member who introduced bill of rights) initially claimed that 
fatigue was reason that *no* state delegation agreed to george mason's 
(author of virginia bill of rights) proposal to form a committee for purpose 
of drawing one up...

hamilton's rationale noted above became more common position, although
hamilton further suggested that constitution delegated/granted no power to
federal government  to regulate speech, press, religion, therefore, why - 
hamilton asked in #84 - declare that things shall not be done for which there 
is no power to dol...

given hamilton's view that 1787 constitution did not go far enough in centralizing
government power, he is being but more than disingenuous in arguing that bill of
rights might actually increase federal government power...   michael hoover

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