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News from around the world German ElectionsThe Winner is the Left Party-PDS
Thadeus Pato 

The elections to parliament in Germany had a remarkable outcome - almost all parties lost votes massively. The Liberal FDP (hardcore neoliberals) increased their vote by 2.4% and the Left Party-PDS doubled its vote to 8.7% and re-entered the federal parliament, after failing in the last elections in 2002. 
The big surprise is that none of the polls before the elections showed this outcome. All of them predicted a clear victory for the Christian Democrats. But the Social Democrats and Conservatives got almost the same result; the difference was less than 1%.

The Conservatives lost votes massively (principally to the Liberal Party), the Social Democrats lost even more (mainly to the Left Party-PDS), and the Green Party lost about 0.5%. The situation is now complicated, because neither the announced coalition between Liberals and Conservatives, nor the coalition between Social Democrats and Green Party in power for the last seven years, has a majority.


First of all: for the first time since the 1950s we will have a real left opposition in the German parliament. At the moment there is no danger that the leading body of the PDS (which in some regions already governs in coalitions with the Social Democrats) will have the opportunity to participate in the federal government.

It is currently treated as a leper. Nobody talks to it. It is openly and unanimously qualified by the other parties as “non-democratic”. But the presence of this force opens up a space for public discussion about the perspectives of society; a discussion that has been almost forgotten for the last twenty years.

In the first press conference the leaders of WASG and PDS announced that there will be a process of unification during the next 1-2 years. This process will be most important for the whole left in Germany. It will decide whether the new formation will be a simple revival of the “good old Social Democracy” (this apparently is the line of the right wing around Lafontaine, of the WASG. and Lothar Bisky and Gregor Gysi of the PDS) or if it will be a plural socialist party which is working for an alternative model of society and is engaging in the social struggles outside of parliament.

Such struggles will certainly take place in the next years because deregulation will go on. It will be the task of the radical left inside the new Left Party to link it to the social movements and also to fight, in this process of unification, for a programme which opens the door to a better future.


 Thadeus Pato, Leadership member RSB, Germany and of the IC and Bureau of the Fourth International.










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