[Marxism] All-out assault on UAW

David McDonald dbmcdonald at comcast.net
Sat Apr 1 08:07:11 MST 2006

>A strike could also cripple General Motors, which spun off Delphi in 1999
and remains its biggest customer. And any harm to G.M. could eviscerate the
U.A.W.'s own influence as one of the nation's most socially progressive and
powerful unions, while accelerating the slide of the American auto industry.

A great paragraph indeed, Louis. I have two immediate observations. First,
the American bourgeoisie is sooner or later going to pick a fight with
someone who fights back.

Second, the "evisceration" argument is a first cousin to the political
spoiler argument I'm getting more and more familiar with out here in
Washington State, as allegedly progressive Democrats scrabble to explain why
they support wardog Maria Cantwell instead of her peace-loving former Black
Panther now Green opponent Aaron Dixon, who is my guy in this race. This is
straight-out Gompersism. What's good for GM is good for the union, whoops I
meant the country.

But this is my favorite paragraph:

>And unless a judge rejects Delphi's effort to abrogate its contract, the
U.A.W. faces the prospect that it can no longer give its workers the
security it has fought for years to provide, leaving the union's president,
Ron Gettelfinger, distressed.


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