[Marxism] Miami Herald: "Posada called a national security risk"

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 1 08:49:39 MST 2006

Reading this article, in today's edition of the MIAMI HERALD was
indeed a pleasant surprise. The newspaper which has provided this
murderer with so much free and favorable publicity over his long
career has finally been compelled to publish something with some
of the facts of who he really is. This is an article which needs
to be circulated far and wide, by every possible means we can.

Read the formal statement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement,
a division of the Department of Homeland Security, and on their 
letterhead, declaring Luis Posada Carilles, a long-time and well-
documented CIA asset, to be a danger to the national Security of 
the United States of America based on a U.S. government review of
his life and crimes. It's a profoundly revealing portrait of one
who has supported and been employed by Washington for decades.

It's a seven-page pdf document and if someone can help transcribe
this from PDF to text format, it can be made much easier to read.

He's being instructed he must now cooperate with Washington in its
efforts to find a foreign country willing to take him since he's
being retained in U.S. custody until he can be deported. Maybe he
will be sent to Palau or the Marshall Islands? The Herald's story
still sugar-coats the story. Be sure to read the document itself
in which it states Posada had "committed a crime involving moral
turpitude," and much, much more.

It should be interesting to see what happens, in the event that the
Federal courts grant the Cuban Five the new trial which they have
been demanding, how this terrorist militant will perform when he is
called as a witness FOR THE DEFENSE. Washington would not want this
man to be called into court FOR THE DEFENSE. 
Remember: Jose Basulto's behavior at the first trial was one of the
reasons why the three-judge panel overturned the Five's convictions.

So far, the New York Times has not seen fit to print any kind of
anything about this important development. Go to their site and
put Posada Carriles in the search engine and see it for yourself.

We are living in interesting times, aren't we!

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

Posted on Sat, Apr. 01, 2006	

Posada called a national security risk
Immigration officials listed reasons why Cuban exile militant 
Luis Posada Carriles cannot be released, including charges 
he took credit for bombings in Cuba.
achardy at MiamiHerald.com

Cuban exile militant Luis Posada Carriles, detained in a Texas
immigration facility, cannot be released because he poses a ''danger
to the community'' and a ''risk to the national security of the
United States,'' federal officials say.

The letter from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to Posada
also classifies him as a ''flight risk'' and someone with a history
of ``criminal activity.''

This history includes a prison escape in Venezuela after an attack on
a Cuban jetliner in 1976 and allegations he took credit for bombings
in Cuba in 1997 in 1998.


''You have a history of engaging in criminal activity, associating
with individuals involved in criminal activity, and participating in
violent acts that indicate a disregard for the safety of the general
public,'' according to an ICE letter to Posada released by his lawyer
this week.

It added that Posada had a ``propensity for engaging in activities .
. . that pose a risk to the national security of the United States.''

The seven-page letter contains the first public explanation by U.S.
immigration authorities about the reasons why Posada cannot be
released, as his Coral Gables immigration attorney Eduardo Soto had

Soto said the ICE letter, dated March 22, ''contained nothing new''
and noted that none of the information the government cited proves
Posada is a danger to U.S. national security.

''If you read between the lines you know the government has
absolutely no evidence,'' Soto said. He added that he plans to sue
the government in federal court.

A Venezuelan embassy statement issued Friday interpreted the ICE
letter as an acknowledgement by the U.S. government ``for the first
time that Luis Posada Carriles is a terrorist.''

Barbara Gonzalez, an ICE spokeswoman in Miami, said her agency issued
a statement on Posada recently and planned no more comment on the
issue for now. That statement, issued March 22, did not give reasons
for ICE denying Posada's release.

Among the government's reasons for holding Posada listed in the
letter, were Posada's ''statements'' that link him to the ''planning
and coordination of a series of hotel and restaurant bombings in
Cuba'' in 1997 and 1998.

That was a reference to statements attributed to Posada in interviews
in which he was quoted as taking responsibility for the bombing
attacks in Cuba.


In testimony in immigration court in El Paso, Texas, last year Posada
denied those statements.

He said he was not misquoted, but that because he had difficulty
understanding English he had not explained himself clearly and was

The ICE letter also cited his conviction in Panama in 2004 in
connection with an alleged assassination plot against Cuban leader
Fidel Castro while Castro visited Panama. Posada has denied any plot
to kill Castro in Panama.

The letter also cited Venezuela's extradition request for Posada
''based on your alleged involvement in the 1976 bombing of the Cubana
Airlines passenger jet'' and his ''escape from a Venezuelan prison''
while the case was pending.

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