[Marxism] Cuban President Meets Colombian Foreign Minister

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Sat Apr 1 11:37:07 MST 2006

This is the leading story in today's paper: page one, column one, 
top  of the fold. Keep in mind: regional integration is probably 
the island's principal foreign policy priority at this moment.

Colombian Governor Gains New Perspective on Cuba:

Colombia, Cuba Boost Relations:

Colombian Ambassador says Cuban Ambassador a Spy
(includes link to MINREX declaration refuting this:

Walter Lippmann

Cuban President Meets Colombian Foreign Minister

Cuban President Fidel Castro met with Colombian Foreign Minister
Carolina Barco at the Palace of the Revolution on Friday.

Minister Barco was accompanied by Humberto Botero, minister of Trade,
Industry and Tourism; Luis Ernesto Mejia Castro, Energy and Mining
minister; the Colombian High Commissioner for Peace, Dr. Luis Carlos
Restrepo; and Colombian Ambassador to Cuba, Julio Londoño.

During the encounter, which was held in a climate of trust and mutual
respect, the issues discussed included bilateral relations between
Cuba and Colombia, the economy and international politics.

On behalf of her government, Carolina Barco expressed gratitude for
Cuba's support to the peace process in Colombia, and conveyed a
personal message from President Alvaro Uribe.

Prior to the meeting with President Castro, the Colombian delegation
held talks with Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque at the
Foreign Ministry.

The visit by the Colombian official and her high ranking delegation
takes place amidst the transparent and cordial relations that exist
between the two nations, based on the principles of respect and of
non-interference in the internal affairs of one another.

During their stay in Cuba, which concludes Sunday morning, the
distinguished guests will tour places of interest and will hold talks
with other Cuban officials.

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