[Marxism] Civil War In Iraq

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Sat Apr 1 20:36:39 MST 2006

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> What we are seeing is a US drive to break up and destroy Iraq as a
> nation because the US could not conquer it.  Washington's  ally and
> militarized dependency Israel, has COMMON INTERESTS with Washington on
> this matter, for reasons partly its own) 


I agree with Fred on this. The US are in the process of carrying out a fall 
back plan to Balkanize Iraq in the hope they can control the North and south of 
the country - where the vast majority of the oil reserves are located - and 
leave the central region, Sunni, to its own devices, using the Kurds as a proxy 
militia to control any unrest there. The Iraqi police and army will come 
under the control of Shia collaborators, with figures like Sistani and Sadr 
providing a sheen of legitimacy if they can be brought into the fold, lured away 
from any connection to Iran.

That said, there does seem to remain a strong attachment to an Iraqi identity 
which transcends the sectarian divide there, especially among the poor. It 
will be interesting to see how this impacts on events.

Sadly, if Sistani had used his influence to resist the occupation, it would 
already be over.

As for Israel, they may win in the short term if the break-up of Iraq is 
completed, but long term I fail to see how the situation changes for them. Saddam 
may have provided money and moral support for the Palestinian cause, but it 
seems likely not as much as Iran.

For Israel, Iran IS the threat. For the US, the major threat to their 
hegemony now lies across the other side of the world in Latin America.  



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