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Anthony Boynton northbogota at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 2 09:36:01 MDT 2006

President Bush Announces US Military Will Occupy and
Annex Colombia
Sat Apr 1, WFD News Special

United States President George Bush stunned the world
today with a surprise announcement that the United
States Army, Marines, and Air Force were carrying out
a long secret plan to occupy Colombia. US special
forces teams had already secured all major airports.
Marine and Navy seal units were, according to Bush,
securing the ports of Baranquilla, Cartagena, and
Buenaventura as he spoke.

According to Bush, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe
Velez is in protective custody at the US embassy.

Bush said, “Colombia has always been one of the best
allies of the United States, so it seemed logical to
take the next step and annex the country.”

Political experts at George Washington University said
it is too early to tell how the new territory will be
administered. One pundit said, “Eventually Colombia
could be  allowed to enter the union as the 52nd
state, or possibly divided into several states.” 

Many Colombians were jubilant because , as Juan Valdez
told reporters at his small coffee farm, “Now we can
finally win the war against the guerrilla.” 

Others were more reserved saying this could signal the
end of Colombia as an independent nation. Horacio
Serpa – Liberal Party Presidential candidate - said,
“We will have to wait and see, but if there are any
violations of Colombian sovereignty we will appeal to
the Organization of American States immediately.”

Paramilitary leader Salvador Mancuso told reporters,
“This is a great day for Colombia. We are prepared to
remobilize all off our demobilized forces within 24
hours and integrate them into the US peace force. If
needed, we are prepared to go to Iraq, to Venezuela,
or elsewhere to proudly serve our new flag.”

Anti-immigration Republicans were silent, but promised
to address the nation at a press conference tomorrow.
One source said, Mexico could be next.

April Fools’ Day 

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