[Marxism] Re: V for Vendetta

thomas muntzer immune_from_demoralization at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 2 11:30:21 MDT 2006

> Joaquin expressed almost exactly my thought about
> the WSWS review of V.
> It marked their movie reviews' descent to the level
> of their
> reactionary-sectarian politics, for which the movie
> reviews have
> previously provided a certain cover.

This is nothing new -- see their review of "Dancer in
the Dark," a particularly terrible write-off of a
highly political film.  Or even of "Star Wars Episode
III."  It's important in a political movie review to
think about how workers react to the movie and if it
raises political questions to emphasize those and
discuss them.  Pop culture is highly political and we
can engage with people through discussions even of
movies like "Titanic."  WSWS usually has the snobbish
attitude of a film professor towards mainstream

However I wouldn't characterize their politics as
"reactionary-sectarian."  Obviously they have many
serious militants judging even simply by the quality
of their news webpage- I especially don't see the use
of calling them "reactionary."  Like most of the
Trotskyist movement they do seem totally disconnected
from the working class-but in this sense every group
is a sect including the ISO or ANSWER/PSL/WWP.  I have
met their comrades and that was my impression - that
they don't involve themselves in struggles and don't
know how to talk to workers.  Hopefully they will find
their way out of the petty-bourgeois intellectual
ghetto eventually.  Hopefully many of the comrades on
marxmail will find their way out of this ghetto too.

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