[Marxism] Racist rag finds majority support for legalizing immigrants

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Sun Apr 2 12:48:53 MDT 2006

A new poll done for Time Magazine, the flagship publication of the media
conglomerate formerly known as AOL-Time Warner, finds that Americans
overhwelmingly reject criminalization of undocumented immigrants -- even
when the poll itself repeatedly criminalizes immigrants as "illegals." 

The poll is typical of the way U.S. media use loaded terms, leading and
tendentious questions to get the results the pollsters and those who pay
them want. After the perfunctory, obligatory question about whether people
approve of the job the president is doing (37%, a new low for Bush in this
poll), the racist editorializing is unleashed in full force.

"Do you approve or disapprove of the job president Bush is doing in handling
the illegal immigration problem?"

That's the top question on the subject of the poll itself.

Consider the wording: "Illegal immigration." Use of the word "illegal"
suggests a crime has been committed, when, in fact, that is not the case.
Immigration is a civil matter. Moreover, a big percentage of unauthorized
immigrants --between 30 and 40 percent, although no one knows for sure--
entered the U.S. completely legally and have overstayed their visas. Their
offense is being, simply being. 

Then there is that very loaded word, "problem." Notice how it is defined. Is
the problem the government's failure to enforce full human, civil and
political rights for immigrants? Its failure to create an adequate legal
framework for the movement of people? No. The problem is "immigration." 

And what kind of immigration? White genocidal colonial rapist enslaving
immigration, such as those of the people who spawned Time's editorial hacks
and corporate bosses? Of course not. "Illegal" immigration, meaning
"immigration" by the children of those who were already here when these Blue
Eyed Devils came over from Europe -- and somehow managed to survive.

Probably the prize for the most efficient genocide machine goes to the
English. There were 20 million or more people living in what is now the
United States when Columbus got lost on his way to India. After the last
great Indian massacre at Wounded Knee, barely 100,000 were left -- 99.5%
plus efficiency. Now the Hispanicized descendants of the aboriginal peoples
of the Americas are reclaiming these lands, and the Anglo tells them they're
aliens in places called Texas, Los Angeles, La Florida, Colorado, Las Vegas.

The next question in the Anglo poll is there to underscore that "illegal
immigration" is a "serious problem":

"How serious a problem is illegal immigration into the United States?" Not
"is it a problem that descendants of the original inhabitants of the
Americas move freely about the continent without permission from the white
man," not even "is illegal immigration a problem," but rather how *serious*
a problem. 

Having already criminalized what humans have been doing ever since some
chimps climbed down from the trees in Africa by calling migrating "illegal,"
the poll then gives four different ways of affirming it is "a problem",
namely, "Extremely Serious," "Very Serious," "Somewhat Serious," or "Not
Very Serious" but, of course, still "a problem."

And having TOLD respondents that "illegal immigration" is "a problem," the
following question is set up to provide grist for the right wing propaganda
mills, by asking whether the federal government is doing "enough," which, of
course, people say overwhelmingly it isn't because a) Most Anglos are
racists and B) Most Anglos are too stupid to realize when they're being led
around by the nose. Like when someone crams down their throats that
something is a problem and then asks them to regurgitate the answer that the
government isn't doing enough -- well, if the government *were* doing
enough, then it wouldn’t be a problem, would it? 

As H.L. Mencken, prededecessor in columny of today's Time hacks once noted,
""No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American
people." Meaning of course white Americans, because for white America there
never were any others.

Especially disgusting is the fascist way Time's pollsters repeatedly refer
to people as "illegals" to dehumanize them and justify violating their human

They even go so far as to deploy this against children, asking "Do you think
that illegals should be allowed to attend public schools, or not." 

Just think about that. In no legal system anywhere in the world are children
held liable in criminal or civil procedures. Yet by a big majority these
white people --"American beasts," someone once called them-- favor this
treatment for all children whose parents have brought them here without
permission. I say "big majority" of white people because survey respondents
favored denying children the right to an education based on their
immigration status by a 51 to 46 percent margin, but about 20% of the survey
respondents were Black and Hispanic. 

Thus it is all the more surprising that when given a choice between purging
the country of "illegals" and allowing them to stay, the poll finds an
overwhelming majority rejecting mass deportations and coming out for

Only 25% favor criminalization and deportation as opposed to 72% who favor
the legalization plan adopted by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is
essentially the McCain-Kennedy bill. 

And under another, similar question, 79 percent come out for legalization.

Which, of course, is the result Time wanted, as they cleverly telegraphed to
interviewees by phrasing the question in terms of allowing "illegals" to
register "so the government can keep track of them." And, oh yeah, so they
can harvest our crops, cook our meals, clean the crap out of toilets, build
our roads and houses, raise our children and deliver the newspapers and
magazines calling for them to be lynched.

As to *why* Time Warner would want such an outcome, a veteran employee of
one of the media conglomerate's divisions says, "I haven't seen anyone who
could speak more than two words of English vacuuming a floor, mopping a
hallway or cleaning a bathroom for many years." 

As has become common in corporate America, Time Warner systematically
discriminates against these workers through the ruse of "outsourcing" the
work, or in plain English, using a bagman. Even if they work exclusively in
cleaning Time Warner premises, under the watchful eye and at the direction
of Time Warner supervisors, in theory they are employees of some other
company. This denies the same benefits scribblers for Time magazine get to
these immigrant workers, and frees Time Warner from legal liability for
hiring people without work permits.

So next time you see one of these diatribes against "illegals" on Time
Warner outlets like Time or CNN or AOL, remember, this isn't just a
corporation that has the appearance of a conflict of interest, this is a
corporation that has in fact a real and material interest in keeping those
its "objective" reporting brands as "illegals" oppressed and


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