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This-- " It really isn't too important whether this "guy" has a
solution.  What is  important is the indication that Peru (last country
to gain Independence  from Spain in the 19th century) is showing a
rejection of the neo-liberalism  and trending in the leftward
movement.." -- is exactly what is wrong, or more than wrong, absolutely
suicidal about "national salvationist"  leftism.

Velasco?  We are talking about Jose Maria Velasco of Ecuador?  That
Velasco?   Of emptying the national treasury after every commodity price
cycle upswing had put a little bit more than a pittance into the govt.

 The "national personification"  Velasco who after coming to power as
president, for a third time,  through the CPF in 1952 then turned and
arrested and deported its left wing elements (something he had done
previously, dismissing the constitutent assembly in 1945, replacing it
with a right wing assembly more to his liking); seeking and obtaining
support from the Conservatives, the Social Christians, and the ultra
anti-communist ARNE?  That Velasco?

 The Velasco who was overthrown in 1964, after occupying the presidency
for a fourth time?  And it was only after that overthrow that a law was
enacted outlawing the huaspingo system.  A reform that, as all land
reforms in the Ecuador have before and since, failed.

 That Velasco?  Or are we talking about a different Velasco, with
different reforms?  The reforms that lead to general depopulation of the
land, migration to the cities unable to supply basic services and the
establishment of the suburbio squatter settlements?

"Trending"  "leftward movement"  "Bolivarian Dream,"  all these sound
nice but there really needs to be a social content, a class program.
Despite the supposed leftward sounding programs of Kirchner and Lula,
the economic reality of those regimes have been rightward-- terms of
trade worsening, less continental integration of their economies,
declining living standards.

If and when the price of oil breaks, Venezuela will face the cold
economic necessities that require just that-- those class solutions as
its Bolivarian Dream is revealed, as Bolivar's own dream was, as
incapable of remedying the source of poverty and oppression.

Flag in the wind, huh?  Well sometimes you do need a weatherman to know
which way the wind is blowing.


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