[Marxism] Ollanta Humala

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Sun Apr 2 15:06:51 MDT 2006

RR says, "Yeah, oh he's really with the people, you bet.  Sure he is.
Every man on horseback is with the people.  Why would any Marxist support--
and support is not defense-- this sheep in wolf's clothing?"

I guess that makes it official, another season of Indian-bashing on the
Marxism list, denouncing those stupid Latin American trying to rid
themselves of imperialist domination by uniting instead of waging the class
war against each other.


Las barras y las estrellas se adueñan de mi bandera
Y nuestra libertad no es otra cosa que una ramera
Y si la deuda externa nos robo la primavera
Al diablo la geografia se acabaron las fronteras
     --Ricardo Arjona, "Si el norte fuera el sur" 

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