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dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Sun Apr 2 15:26:05 MDT 2006

Ach, good, back to race-baiting again. This isn't the same Joaquín that
*slandered* the most advanced, *indigenous lead*, class struggle trade unions
on the continent, the Bolivian COB, and actually *lied* about how Mr. Morales
was expelled from that union was it? How the most *democratic* insitution in
Bolivian history, organizing the mostly indigenous working class, is reduced  
by Joaquín's fake sectarian baiting of it's Indian leadership to a mere
footnote to the electoralism of the MAS? This seems to be a case of some sort
fake-race baiting by Joaquín, who, of course, is allowed to bash as many Indian
lead organizations as he pleases since this same Joaquín is so adept at defining
for us lazy leftists who is and who isn't a REAL member of the First Peoples?
Ohhhhh....goood. It's gonna be one of *those discussions* again...go get 'em


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